Step by step guide - Finishing your holiday year


Step one

Before you finish your holiday year we recommend running the holiday allowance report for your employees, which you will find under the report section.

This will give you a summary of what allowances your employees are on, what they have taken and whether they are entitled to any carryover. It is really important to check that the holiday allowances your employees are on, are correct. If you need to change a holiday allowance, this will need to be done before  the start date of your new holiday year. 

 Step Two

Run the outstanding leave request report. This will show you what still need to be approved and by who.


Step Three

Make sure that all the backdated leave is added for your employees, if your employee has no leave in the system, but is allowed to carry over holiday, this will be added to their new entitlement. If this does happen you will need to do a manual adjustment on their new allowance.

This can create questions from employees, as they cannot see the manual updates on their profile.

Step Four

Once you are happy all the data is correct, it is time to finish the year. You can do this by going to Settings > Absence settings > Holiday year

Step Five

Re-run the holiday allowance report for the new holiday year. 

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