How to Create a New Holiday Allowance




Within breatheHR you can set as many holiday allowances you wish. To set your holiday allowances go to Settings > Absence settings > Holiday Allowances

You can have as many different holiday allowances in the system as you like on one account.


To create an allowance

Click on 

  • First set the title. We recommend popping in a title you can easily identify since you'll be assigning this to your employees later. 
  • Decide whether the allowance is measured in days or hours
  • Decide whether the amount of holiday depends on length of service. If not, add in the amount into the days/hours box. If you do not enter anything into this box you will get an error message. 
  • If it does depend on length of service you will see extra boxes added to the allowance (see below)

Start by adding the starting holiday allowance in year 0. Keep adding the starting amount until you get to the year you would like it to increase. Then each year add the amount of holiday you would like your employees to receive. Make sure you populate all the boxes up to year 10.

Please note that year 0 covers the period from the employee's join date to the end of that first holiday year.

So if you would like to increase the entitlement after the employee has completed 2 full year's of service, you would need to make the increase in year 3.


  • Next to decide is if employees can carry over holiday.

Decide on how many days/hours and when you would like them to use this by. You also have the option to allow negative carry over, this will allow employees to borrow holiday from next years allowance.

  • Once you are happy click on add this holiday allowance

The next step is to assign the holiday allowance to your employees, click here to find out how it is done. 

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