How to Set Your Company Holidays


Company holidays are extra days that the company is closed that do not need to be deducted from an employees allowance. If an employee has booked holiday over a company holiday, this will not come off their holiday allowance. 

Please note that company holidays are different to statutory holidays to find out how to switch on the statutory holidays for employees click here

To set the company holidays go to Settings > Absence settings > Company holidays

 To add a new company holiday click 


You have the option to set half day by ticking the half day box.

Enter the details and click 

Please note: If you have ticked half day and your employees want to take the other half of the day off as holiday, they will need to book this as a full day to make sure that the half day is deducted from their allowance. 

The company holidays will appear on the company calendar in a light blue colour. 

Please note: The company holiday will only appear if an employee has holiday booked in that month. 

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