How to Approve a Leave Request


When an employee submits a holiday request, you will receive an email to let you know. 

You will then need to log into your breatheHR account from your designated URL.

On your HR/Manager dashboard under tasks you will see all open leave requests requiring your attention.

To view the request click on 

This will show you a summary of the leave including

  • The dates requested
  • The amount of days requested
  • The amount of days that it would leave the employee available.

You will also see the company calendar to show you who else is out of the office at the same time, or if there is any training booked around the dates requested.

From here you have two options:

You can approve the request by clicking on

This will send an email to the employee stating that the holiday has been approved.

Or you can refuse this request by clicking on

This will then ask you to give a reason. You must fill in a reason before refusing the request. 

If you refuse request an email will be sent to the employee letting them know the reason. 

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    Jin Xia Hu

    How can approve a holiday request. Is this standard the line manager, and the holiday approver and the HR manager? Or do I have to assign this to the HR manager as the holiday approver?

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