How to Create a New Working Pattern




Within breatheHR you can create as many working patterns as you wish. To create a new working pattern go to Settings > Absence settings > Working Patterns

To create a working pattern:

Click on 

You will need to create a name for your working pattern. ie 'My Company Standard Work Pattern'.

Fill in the usual hours worked on the usual days worked (please note the hours in the boxes must be round up to .0 or .5)

To save the pattern click 

 You can add as many working patterns as you like. You can edit or delete, as long as no employees are assigned to it with booked holiday. 


Do you have an employee who works flexi time? Do they have a fixed number of hours which they work, but their working days vary? 

Here is a link to our other support article which will explain the best way to set up their working pattern. 

Once you have have created the working patterns, you can start assigning them. Click here to learn more

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