How to Add an Employee to breatheHR




From your dashboard you can add a new employee via the employee tab

You can also use the add new button from your employee list 

These are both quick ways to add employees to breatheHR. This will produce a form asking for the basic information required to add an employee to breatheHR

 Fill out all the fields (each of these fields are mandatory) and click 

This will add this new employee to breatheHR, they will be given the default working pattern and holiday allowance.

If the employee works different hours/ receives a different holiday entitlement from your company default, click 


From here you can assign the employee with their new working hours and the correct holiday entitlement. You can also decide whether the employee receives statutory holidays or not. 

If you cannot see the working pattern or holiday allowance within the drop down list, it will be because they have not been created. 

Click here to learn how to create a new holiday allowance 

Click here to learn how to create a new working pattern 

 Please note: Every employee needs to have a unique email address 

If you can't find an employee in your list, check what you are filtering on your employee list. If their start date is next month, they will be marked as a pending employee.


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