Employees Pay Screen- How do I add a salary?


Within breatheHR you have the ability to store your employee's pay details. If you are setting you the account you can use the import spreadsheet to import initial salary details. Please note: You can only use the spreadsheet once to import salaries. If you have a salary increase this will need to added on a per employee basis. 

To add an employees pay history, go into an employees profile and go to their  tab.

From here you can add in salary information, benefits and bonuses relating to the employee.

To add a pay record for the first time click on 

Fill out the form, adding the pay basis and the pay frequency. You can also add any notes and any documentation relating to the pay record.

When you are happy with the information added click 

A salary is seen as a current salary until an end date is entered. You can edit a salary entry by clicking  

To create a new entry click  This will allow you to create a new entry for the employee.

You can add in the note section any information regarding the pay increase and attach a new document.

Who can see these details? 

You can allow employees to see their own pay details. Under the Settings> permissions and approvals> display settings> tick to allow 'employees can see their own remuneration'. This means employees will only be able to access their own salary information. They cannot view other employees salaries. 

Line managers may be able to see their employee's salaries, this depends on the permissions you have set up for them. Settings> permissions and approvals> line manangers> remuneration> you can tick to allow them to view, manage or delete their employees salaries. If you leave this blank them they cannot view salaries. 

What about HR users? Well on the micro and starter plan HR users can access salary information. However if you are on the regular, pro or premium plans you have the finance user. If you would like to learn more about the finance user role, click here

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