How to add a new job title


The job information appears in the company and job section of the employee profile

To add a new job title and to mark if an employee is full time or part time select from the profile options then select 

This will then show you a summary of all the positions the employee has held within the company.

To add a new job title click 

Fill out the new job title, add the start date, and choose whether it is a full time or part time role. If it is a temporary contract add the contract end date, to create the record click 

When adding a new job title you will need to add an end date to the current job role. You can do this by clicking on the  on the job summary screen

Add the end date and click 

When you make an employee an ex-employee, breatheHR will automatically add an end date to the job role.

This will now populate the Job title and the full time/part time section on the employees profile page.

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    Emma Somerville

    If an employee has 2 part time roles, how do I show the holiday entitlement for each role? As the employee has 2 different managers for this

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