How to assign a line manager or a holiday approver


From the employee profile you can assign them a line manager and a holiday approver, this does not have to be the same person.

To assign this go to the employee profile and to their tab. From here select 

From the permissions screen you are able to set the access this employee has to breatheHR and who is their line manager and holiday approver.

Use the drop down boxes to select the employees line manager and their holiday approver. If an employee does not appear in the line manager drop down, they will need to be given line managers permissions to breatheHR. A holiday approver can be any current employee.

Once you are happy with your choices click 

You can bulk assign a line manager/ holiday approver, click here to find out how.

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    Nicky Forsyth

    If you have a different line manager to holiday approver, do both get email notification?

    Kind regards


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