How to add a sickness record to an employee


If you have sickness self service switched off, you or your line managers can add sickness records on behalf on the employee.

From the employees profile select 


This will give you a summary of the employee sickness in the last 12 months. It will also hold all their historic sickness records.

To add a new sickness click 

Fill out the dates, if the employee has not returned to work leave the end date blank. You can also select here whether it is a full or half day. Decide the sickness type, you can set these yourself by going to Settings > Absence Settings > Sickness Types.

You can add notes to the sickness from the employee under employee notes or yourself by using the review notes.Employees can see the employees notes, they cannot see the review notes.

The status is as follows

  • Open - Employee is still absent from work
  • Returned to work - Employee has returned but you are still waiting for more information or return to work interview
  • Query raised - This is if you have raised a query to the employee and are still waiting for information back from the employee, maybe a doctors note request
  • Complete - You are happy with the information and the sickness is closed. Once the sickness has been marked as completed this will account to their total number of absences. 

Once you are happy click 

 Now the employee sickness summary screen will look like this 

 This will show you the status of the sickness. Please note that a sickness will not be counted in the summary or on the reports until it's status is set as complete. 

To view a quick summary of the sickness click  to review the sickness click  if you need to delete the sickness click 

Within the quick review you can review the details of the sickness, raise a query and complete it when you are happy. You can also change the sickness type.

If you choose to raise a query it will ask you for some more detail, this will then be emailed to the employee

Once you are happy click  Once the sickness is completed, the status will be changed to closed and the summary figures will be updated.


If you would like to attach a document to a sickness record, click the eye icon  next to the sickness record. This will take you through to the sickness summary screen. From here you can attach multiple sickness documents. 

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