How to Change Your Holiday Year



Please note: Only the admin user can change the holiday year.

To go about changing your holiday year click: 

  • Settings> absence settings> holiday years

Within the holiday years screen is a new information message which will link to the new screen. 

The new screen will allow you to select a new start date for your holiday year. Giving you the option to make the change now or later, which ever suits you. 

Once you are happy with your selected date, just click 'change holiday year start'. 

Please note! The process may take several minutes. 

Whilst the process is taking effect you will not be able to: 

  • Make new leave requests 
  • Approve existing leave requests 
  • Update any leave

After the process is complete you will need to: 

  • Re-enter any adjustments as these will have been removed
  • Finish previous holiday year 


Q: Can we have more than one holiday year? 

A: You can only have one holiday year in breatheHR. 

Q: Our employees holiday year starts based on their start date, how can we manage this? 

A: Within breatheHR, the holiday year is based on the start date of your holiday year, it isn't possible to start on the employee's start date. The only way you would be able to manage this, is by using the manual adjustments. However we don't tend to recommend this, simply because using the adjustment buttons things can get a little bit confusing not only for you but also your employees.

Perhaps you're approaching the end of your holiday year? Click here to learn more

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  • Avatar
    Jess Redmond

    Great, many thanks for such a quick response. :)

  • Avatar
    Sacha Lowenthal

    Is there anyway to change the holiday year for individual staff?

  • Avatar
    breatheHR Support

    Hi Sacha,

    I'm afraid it isn't possible to change the holiday year for individual employees. breatheHR only has one holiday year. I will email you directly and see if I suggest a work around.


  • Avatar
    Dan Jenkins

    Our client operates holiday years that run from each individual employee's start date. How can we work around this?

  • Avatar
    breatheHR Support

    Hi Dan,

    breatheHR only allows one holiday year for all employees. As a work around, you would need to use the manual adjustment button to increase the employees leave on their anniversary. You will receive a notification on your dashboard 7 days before.

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