Allocating/ De-Allocating statutory holidays to more than one employee


Assigning statutory holidays 

From your employee list you can allocate a public holiday scheme to more than one employee at a time.

1) Go to employees> list and tick the box next to the employees profile picture


2) Alternatively, if you wish to select all your employees at once, click to show all entries.  then click  just below. This will highlight everyone in your employee list. 

You can then choose what public holiday scheme you would like these employees on, once you have chosen the scheme click 


De-assigning Statutory Holidays

Alternatively you can de-assign statutory holidays using this method, however select 'remove currently assigned scheme' 

If you cannot find the country that you are looking for, then please email and we can add these in for you. 

What will happen now? 

If one of these employees book holiday over a statutory holiday, breatheHR will recognise that day as a statutory holiday and therefore not deduct this from their allowance.

You can assign statutory holidays individually too. Click here to learn more. 



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