How to Create a Flexi-time Work Pattern


Have you got an employee who works part time, but their 'days off' fluctuate from week to week and wonder how to set up a working pattern for them?  The next few steps will show you the best way to set up a working pattern for those employees. 


 Step one: Create a new working pattern. 

  • Click settings> absence settings> working patterns> 
  • You will then see a box appear to create a new working pattern. 
  • Name the new working pattern. 

  • From here you may be thinking how do I fill out the days/ hours, if the employees working days change every week?  Start off by working out the total number of days/ hours the employee works in the week. eg/ 40 hours.
  • Spread these 40 hours across the days of the week that the employee is likely to work eg. Monday- Sunday. 



  • Click 


Step Two:  Assign the new working pattern to the employee. 

  • Click into the employees profile via your employee list. 
  • Click the more tab> work pattern & leave allowances


  • Select the new work pattern from the drop down list. 


  • Remember to click save! 

Step 3: Ignore working pattern. 

  • Once you have saved the new working pattern, you will see the underneath the option to 'ignore working pattern'. 

  • Tick ignore working pattern and enter the total amount of hours the employee would work in a week. Ticking this box means when an employee books leave breatheHR will ignore the working pattern and will ask the employee to manually enter the amount of days/hours lost. 

So you may be asking what happens when an employee books sickness? 

Well, breatheHR will still pick up the employees work pattern, however, since each day of the week has a value, it does not matter which day of the week a flexi-time employee is off, because their work pattern has now been set up to accommodate this! 


Does breatheHR pro rata part time employees holiday. The answer is no, but we have a handy article to help you out.


Click here for further guidance on irregular working patterns and holiday allowances

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