The Finance User Role


So what exactly is the finance user role? 

The finance user is a user who can see anything relating to employees financial details. Please note: The finance user role is available on the regular plan and upwards. This includes: 

  • Employees pay


  • Expenses

  •   Time logs


  •   Payroll export


  • Billing history


  •  Financial reports 


The great benefit of the finance user is that you can assign anyone within the company with finance access, however the assignee will need to be an HR and finance/Admin user in order to do this. 

So how do I assign someone as a finance user? 

  • Click into the employees profile via your employee list. 
  • Click the more  tab in their profile 

  • Click permissions 


From here you can assign the user permissions. Are they an HR user? Are they a finance user? Are they a line manager? Tick 'yes' to make the employee a finance user. 


When you go back to your employee list, you will then see  appear next to their name. This means the employee now has finance user access. 

So what can a HR user see that does not have finance user access? 

  • Leave 
  • Sickness 
  • Performance Hub 
  • Training 
  • Kudos
  • Jobs
  • History 
  • Notes 
  • ID docs
  • Company docs
  • Emergency contacts
  • DBS
  • Grievances 
  • Work pattern and leave allowances
  • Permissions 

So basically anything that does not involve finance! 

  • They cannot set finance user permissions for other employees
  • They cannot add line managers who are set up to 'view/manage/delete' anything to do with their employees financial information in their permissions. (Settings> Permissions and approvals> Line managers) 

If you need any support or just have any questions about the finance user role, please feel free to contact or give us a call on 01403 288700. 


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