Employee Display Settings


Choose what employees see. Within breatheHR, you can have complete control over what the employees can and can't see when they log into their account, giving you piece of mind. 



You can find the employee display settings under Settings>permissions and approval> Display Settings. 


From here you can change the employee permissions by simply ticking the boxes of what you wish to change. 

  • employees can change their own avatar 
  • employees can use gravatar. What is Gravatar?
  • employees can view other employees holiday dates
  • employees can report their own sickness
  • employees can see their own pay details
  • employees can see the staff directory 
  • employees can see their own performance metrics 
  • employees can see their own custom field data ( this is dependant on what plan you are on) 
  • employees can request TOIL

So you may ask: What is the grapevine label? 

The grapevine label is the yellow banner that appears on the community dashboard when ever you create a company announcement. You can name this whatever you like! For example 'company noticeboard'. 

Once you are happy with permissions you have set, click 



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