How to Put an Employee on Maternity/Paternity Leave


There is a time in an employee's career where they may go on maternity or paternity leave. You may be thinking how on earth can I keep a record of this? Well in breatheHR, we have made it super easy to do so. 


  • Click into the relevant employees profile page via your employee list. 


  • Click on their leave tab: 

  • Click 

  • Select 'other leave' as the type of leave. Why do I need to choose 'other leave'? Well any holiday created as 'other leave', will not  be deducted from the employees holiday allowance. 
  • Choose the first and last day of leave. 
  • Select a reason. EG/ maternity. Can't see maternity in the drop down list? You can customise these leave reasons. Click here to find out how. 
  • Add any notes you wish to make 



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