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The payroll export is a great feature within breatheHR that often gets missed or people simply don't know what it does and choose not to use it! 

 So what exactly is the payroll export? 

The payroll export is a report that records any changes made to an employee profile. For example, change of address, updated bank details and updated salary fields. 

 The first step is to make sure the payroll export is switched on. This can only be done by the Admin on the account. 

1) Click settings> payroll export

 2) Tick the box to enable the payroll export> Click 

3) Once you have enabled the payroll export, it will then appear under your company tab on your dashboard. 

4) Go ahead and click the payroll export button. You will then be taken to a page which looks a little bit like this: 

 The payroll export will only export on changes made since the last export was run. You can see the date the change was made, the name of employee who was changed, who made the change, what was changed and what is the new value entered.  

This is an ideal report to hand over to your payroll team (any finance user), since this will provide them with the updated details only. Please note: This does not include new starters details. If you need to pull off a report with your new starters details, you can run an employee export (reports> export employee data) This will pull off all your employees details, however you can delete and manipulate the information within excel. 


Where can I store my employees pay details/ pay slips?- You can store this information on the employees pay section within their profile. You can attach the pay slip within the pay record. 

Alternatively, you can store pay slips on the employee's profile, under the employee documents area. In this section you can mark whether you would like the employee to view the document. They can then log in and download their pay slip from their profile. 

 Do you integrate with any payroll software? Currently we do not integrate with any payroll software. Click here to learn more.


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  • Avatar
    valentina pilloni

    do you offer the possibility to manage payroll in terms of payslips, taxes and NI?

  • Avatar
    breatheHR Support

    Hi Valentina,

    You can upload payslips to an employees profile page under the employees documents section. You can also enter the NI number under the personal details section on the employee profile.

  • Avatar
    Elizabeth Divver

    How do I add the Pay tab? We seem to have managed to set the system up without it.

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