Employee Welcome Email


How do I let employees know about breatheHR after they're set up on the system?

Once you have imported your employee data you can start sending out the employee welcome emails. 

What is the welcome email? 

The welcome email will provide the employee with the necessary steps to log into their account. 

Please note: This link can only be used ONCE. If you delete the email or don't set your password straight away, the HR user will need to send a new welcome email. 

Where can I find the welcome email? 

You can find the welcome email on the employees profile page. 


You can also send the welcome emails in bulk via your set-up page or from your HR dashboard. 

 Top tip:  If the welcome email button has disappeared from the employees profile, this means they have successfully logged into their account. 


An employee has not received their welcome email, what do I do? 

  • Ask the employee to check their spam/ junk/ clutter inbox (if they are using outlook) The email will come from info@breathehr.com
  • Is the employee's email address spelt correctly within their profile 
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  • Avatar
    Amjad Khan


    I have sent a welcome e-mail to an employee which they didn't receive. On their profile it still shows that a welcome can be sent, so I have resent this but he doesn't seem to receive this and the e-mail address is correct.
    Please advise

  • Avatar
    breatheHR Support

    Hi Amjad,

    Could you ask the employee to check their spam?


  • Avatar
    Shazza Palmer

    A welcome email has been sent to one of my employees but the email address was incorrect. How do i send her a new welcome email to the correct address

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