Change an Allowance from Days to Hours (or Hours to Days)


How do I change an employees holiday allowance from days to hours? 


When you try to change an employee's holiday metrics, you will see an error message pop up. 

Within breatheHR you cannot change an employees holiday metrics from days to hours or vice versa without purging the employee data. So what does 'purge' mean? Purging data allows you to permanently delete data from an area within an employees profile. 

Please note: Only the ADMIN user can purge employee data. 


Step 1) Create the new holiday allowance 

                - Settings> absence settings> holiday allowances> add new


Step 2) Take a screen shot/ make a note of the employees requested/ booked/taken holiday/adjustments as these will need to be added back in! 

             - Click into their profile> click the leave tab

Step 3) Purge the employee's data. 

             -Click employees> import/export> purge employee data


Can't see the purge screen? This may because you are not the admin user. 

Step 4) Select the employee and the area of data you wish to delete

breatheHR will ask you if you are sure you wish to proceed, since this process will permanently delete this data and even the whizzes at breatheHR cannot get it back for you.  

Step 5) Assign the hourly allowance to the employee

            -Click employees> click into the employee profile> click the more tab>work pattern and leave allowances> assign the new allowance. 


Remember to click change! 

Step 6) Re-add the employees holiday

            Click into the employee profile> click the leave tab> 


Please note - In order for employees to book holiday in increments of half or whole hours rather than in half or whole days, you will need to tick 'ignore working pattern' on the employee's profile. 

What does ticking 'ignore the working pattern' do?



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