Set up Approval Settings


There are a number of approval settings you can choose from when setting up your account. If you want certain requests to go to specific people, you can set this up here. 


The approval settings is where you can set up your leave approvals. This includes: 

As an HR user you can bypass the approval process and directly enter your own leave. If you want to have your leave approved by another line manager, HR user or holiday approver you will need to come in and tick this box. Then whenever an HR user makes a leave request, this will be sent to the relevant user to approve or reject. Want to learn more about the journey of a leave request? Click here

In addition, you can enter an email address so all holiday confirmations are sent to a third party. 

The same applies for expense claims. You can send all approved expense claims to a third party email address for payment. (Note: The expenses are available on the regular plan and upwards) Click here to learn more about expenses.

Within the approval settings, you can set up employees with the ability to directly enter their own training records. Leave this box un-ticked if you would like training to go through the approval process. Learn more about training here. 




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