Assign Statutory Holidays


Statutory holidays are commonly known as bank holidays in the UK. This is where most businesses and essential services are closed for the day. Eg/ Christmas. Within breatheHR, you can set up your employees statutory holidays for the year. There are a wide range of countries you can choose from. If you can't find the country you are looking for, contact us at and we will add them in for you. 


So how do statutory holidays work within breatheHR? 

When you assign an employee with statutory holidays, any holiday they take over that time frame, will not be deducted from their allowance. For example, I decide to book the 31st of December - 2nd of January off work. Instead of 3 days being deducted from the allowance, only 2 will be taken because I am entitled to bank holidays. 


Learn how to assign your statutory holidays here.


Alternatively, you can assign statutory holidays to multiple employees





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