How do I delete a Holiday Allowance or Working Pattern?


It isn't always possible to delete a working pattern or holiday allowance from your account. This is because the working patterns and holiday allowances may still be required for reporting purposes even if they are not currently in use. 

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    Gregory Chauvet

    IT is a real shame one cannot delete a Holiday Allowance or Working Pattern - we've been using BreatheHR for 4 yrs now and we made mistakes and now it is mess - we could appreciate if we could clean it up!

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    Marc Wildes

    I agree with the previous comment. It is also confusing because some - apparently random - allowance do have a delete button next to them. Why can these be deleted but not others that are not in use?

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    Sandra Browne

    I'm in agreement with the above users - we have several employees who have left the business and we no longer need the pattern. Is there any chance that we could 'hide' them?!

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    Arlene Lawson

    I agree with all the above - would like to clean ours up as well!

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    Rachel Farr

    I also agree as we have an awful lot that are no longer in use

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    Barbara Leonard

    Agreed. Delete or archive. Thinking of purchasing this product but really can't be doing with the faff of having a list as long as my arm if people leave or change from FT / PT.

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    breatheHR Support

    It is possible to delete out older patterns and allowances. However, the ability to delete is only in the following circumstances: That the pattern/allowance has not been assigned to an employee within the current year. Were it possible to delete a pattern/allowance that had been assigned during a current holiday year then this would throw out the holiday reports.
    When a pattern/allowance becomes deletable, the system will identify this and a bin icon will then become available next to it.

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