TOIL (Time Off In Lieu)


You can now record and allow your employees to log TOIL (Time off in lieu). 

To switch on TOIL, click settings > permissions and approvals > display settings 


Once you have switched TOIL on, your employees will then be able to Log TOIL from their employee dashboard. 


Once the employee has logged the TOIL, the line manager will receive a notification email to let them know. The line manager can then log into their account and approve the TOIL request from their dashboard. 

Once the TOIL has been approved it will be automatically added to the employees leave allowance. 

You will also notice underneath the employees holiday allowance, an additional adjustments column. This will display the approved TOIL requests, who they were approved by, the reason, as well as the dates TOIL was accrued. 


Just to note: Line managers will only be able to approve TOIL if you have given them the permissions to manage the adjustments. You can view your current line managers permissions by going to settings > permissions and approvals > line managers. 


You cannot delete adjustments or TOIL since this will be used as an audit trail for yourself. If you need to remove days, use the - adjustment button. 

Once the TOIL has been approved it will be added as an adjustment to the leave allowance. If an employee wants to book off TOIL, they will need to make a holiday request. Click here to learn how to make a leave request 


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