Do you Integrate with other companies?


And the answer is yes we do. 

We have integrated with InstantATS who are a online recruitment software company. 

InstantATS will help you find and hire the best talent. The recruitment system will enable you to easily manage and streamline your recruitment process as well as import new hires directly into breatheHR. 

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We have also integrated with WeThrive who are an online employee engagement and coaching tool. 

WeThrive cuts through all the noise about engagement, motivation and retention. It lets you find out exactly whats causing you performance issues with your staff, and gives you the tailored insight needed to create a better workplace. 

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Another integration is OrgChartNow who are a professional organisational chart company. 

You can build your own org charts with OrgChart Now's intuitive interface. Your employee data is pulled seamlessly from breatheHR and will only take a couple of minutes. 

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You can also find more information on our website here





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