How to Create a Line Manager


Before you can start assigning line managers to employees you will need to give them line managers permissions. 


1) Click employees> list> click the blue arrow to go into the line managers profile. 


2)Click the more tab> permissions. 


3) Mark yes is a line manager> update employee


4) You can then start assigning this line manager to your employees. 

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From your employee list you can clearly see who you have set up as a line manager. 


5) Alternatively you can run an employee export.(under the reports tab) This will pull off a list of your employees and who their line manager/ holiday approver is. 

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    Maryanne Papanicolaou Beverley

    I would like to have the option of adding a reviewer to come up as an option on informal one to ones. Do I have to make this person a line manager or is there another way I can have their name come up as a reviewer on a one to one?

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