I have Entered a Sickness but the Number of Days are Wrong.


When you add a sickness record to an employee's profile, breatheHR will go away and look at what working pattern the employee is currently on. 

If you have entered a sickness record and wondering why the number of sickness days do not add up, it will be because of their current working pattern. 

For example: 

I have entered a sickness record for Bob on the 21/01/2016, marked it as closed, however the number of days are displaying as 0. 

If I look at this current working pattern> more tab> work pattern and leave allowances> from here I can see the work pattern his is currently on. 

From here I can see that he only works Monday- Wednesday, yet the sickness record I have entered is in fact for a Thursday. So because of the working pattern he is on, breatheHR is recognising he is not due to work that day. 


If you realise that the employee is on the wrong working pattern you can easily change it by clicking the drop down box. If you can't see the working pattern you're looking for, you will need to create one first. Settings> absence settings> working patterns. 

Once you have changed the working pattern, go back to the employee sickness icon, delete and re-add the sickness record by clicking the red bin. 

Once you have re-added the sickness record, you will notice the number of days are now displaying correctly. 

 If the working pattern is set up correctly, it will most likely be because the sickness record has not been marked as closed/ complete.

By marking a sickness as complete, it will account to the total number of absences. 

If you have employees that do not a standard working week, you will need to create a flexi time working pattern. Click here to learn more


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