Set Up Employee Working Patterns


Working patterns show how your contractual hours are split across the days of your working week. Within breatheHR you can create as many working patterns as you like to accommodate your employees working hours, be it standard, part-time or flexi-time. Working patterns tells us which days employees work on (so we know which days we need to deduct holiday from their allowance)



 Learn how to create your first working pattern


So how do working patterns work in breatheHR?

The working pattern is picked up whenever an employees books holiday or logs a sickness. 

Once you have created your working patterns you can then start assigning them to the relevant employees. 


If you do not want the system to look to the working pattern when booking leave, then you can instruct it not to. Go to the employee profile>more>working pattern & holiday allowance>tick 'ignore working pattern':


What does ticking the 'ignore working pattern' box do?

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