Employee's permission screen- How to Assign Employee Duties


What are employee duties? 

Within breatheHR you decide whether an employee is a first aider , fire warden , key holder  or health and safety officer  


How do I assign employee duties? 


1) Click into an employees profile

2)Click their more tab > permissions

3) Within the permissions page you can set whether that employee is a first aider, fire warden, key holder or health and safety officer. 

Once you are happy with the employee duties you have set, click 

Where and who can see the employee duties? 

  • HR users will be able to see the employee duties at the top of the employee's profile page. Line managers will also be able to see the duties if you have given them the permissions to view their employees profiles. 


  • If the employee directory is switched on HR users, line managers and employee's will be able to see and filter the employee duties on the directory. 




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