How do I Add Backdated Holiday?


Once you have set up your employees with their annual leave entitlement, you may want to add their backdated holiday into the system. HR users can add backdated leave and line managers may be able to, depending on the permissions you have set them. Employees cannot add their own backdated leave, they can only request future holiday. 

1) Go to employees> list> click the blue arrow to go into an employees profile: 

2) Go to their leave tab


3) Click add leave (top right) 


4) Enter the type> is it holiday? (this comes off the holiday entitlement) or other leave? (This does not effect the allowance) Pop in the first day and last day of leave> click add leave.

5) This will then come off the employees holiday allowance. (Booked and Taken for this holiday year) If you are adding backdated leave for your previous holiday years, this will not effect this years allowance.


Now things are a little bit different if you are a HR/ADMIN user and trying to add your own backdated holiday. If you go to add your own holiday, it will say: 


1) Go to settings> permissions and approvals> approval settings > untick HR users leave must be approved> update account.  

2) Go back to your profile> leave screen> you will now see the option to add leave,  rather than make a new leave request. 


3) Just to note that once you have  added your own backdated leave, you may want to come back to your approval settings> and tick this box> this way your leave requests will go through the approval process.  


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