Latest Kudos and the Kudos Leaderboard


Every employee has access to the community dashboard. First off; what is the community dashboard? Well it does what it says on the tin, it the communal aspect within breatheHR, which allows employees to interact with each other and view the latest company news. 

On the community dashboard will be latest kudos that employees have given to each other. If another colleague agrees with the kudos that has been awarded they can give it a thumbs up and like the kudos. 

Alternatively you can  and see all the kudos that has been awarded and can still continue liking! 

Next we have the kudos leaderboard. 

Who can view the leaderboard and what does it display? Well all employees have access to the kudos leaderboard and it will display those who have been awarded the most kudos within the last 30 days. (It's based on a rolling 30 days) 

What can I use the leaderboard for?

If you have an employee of the month scheme in place, you could use the kudos leaderboard as a tool to find out out whose achieved the most in the eyes of their peers. 

Did you know you can run a kudos report? Click here to learn more

Alternatively you can start awarding kudos. Click here 

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