How to Record Unpaid Leave


We recommend recording unpaid leave as 'other leave', since other leave does not come off the employees holiday allowance but you can also create your own other leave reasons. 

1) Create your own other leave reason. Go to Settings> absence settings> other leave reasons> add new

2) Add the other leave record. Go to the employees profile> leave> add leave> choose the type of leave as 'other leave'> choose the other leave reason (unpaid leave) > add the first and last day of leave> click add leave.


3) This will create a record within the employees leave screen. You can see the 'type' of leave has been recorded as other leave and the allowance used is 0 days. 


-Can employee's add their own backdated leave? No, employees cannot add their own backdated leave, they can only request future holiday. This will need to be added in by HR or the employees line manager. 

-Does other leave appear on the calendar? Yes, other leave does appear on the calendar for all employees to see. However employees cannot see the other leave reason. 




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