Length of Service Report


You can find the length of service report under the reports tab> length of service.


This report will display the employees name, department, start date and length of service. 


At the top of the report you can filter by department, division and location. Alternatively you can use the search bar to find a particular employee. 

If you need to,  you can 

Please note: The length of service is still available on the employee data export. 


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    Jenny Guy

    this report is calculating any years service after 9 years as '1' year
    therefore my report states some one who has 5 years service has been here longer than someone who has been here 10 years as I dont think it recognises years beyong 9years, 11 months

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    breatheHR Support

    Hi Jenny,

    Our support desk has contacted you directly via email in order to resolve this issue.


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