Set Up Your Holiday Allowances


Once an employee starts work, they are entitled to a certain number of days/ hours for the year, depending on your company's policy.

Within breatheHR, we have tried to make the holiday set up process as simple as possible.

Start off by letting us know how many days or hours your employees receive each year and create as many holiday allowances as you like. 


So how do holiday allowances work in breatheHR?

When an employee books any holiday, breatheHR will go away and look at what holiday allowance you have put your employees on and see how much holiday needs to be deducted from this years allowance. 

Once you have assigned the employees holiday allowance, it will appear on their leave page.

You can clearly see the employees total allowance, adjustments, number of days booked & taken, how many days they have left available. 


So what about bank holidays?

An employer can choose to include bank holidays as part of a worker’s statutory annual leave. You can either include the bank holidays when you create the allowance, or you can assign them separately. 


  Learn how to create your first holiday allowance

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