How do I add backdated Sickness?


When setting up your account, you may decide that you wish to add your employees back dated sickness records. 

Who can add backdated sickness? 

  • HR Users can add backdated sickness
  • Line managers may be able to add sickness for their employees, this depends on the permissions you have set up for them. They will need to be able to manage sickness.
  • Employees can report their backdated sickness, however this will need to be approved by their line manager


How do I add backdated sickness?

1) Click into the employees profile and go to their sickness screen. 

2) Click 

3) Fill out the first day of sick leave, and the last day of sick leave (you only need to enter an end date if the employee has returned to work) Choose the sickness type. You can enter an employee note. The employee note can be seen by the employee. Select a status; TOP TIP: When adding backdated sickness we advise marking the sickness as closed. This will close the sickness record off and account to the total number of absences within the last 12 months. Enter any review notes. Review notes cannot be seen by the employee. If you are happy with the information you have entered, click add sickness. 

4) This will then appear on their sickness summary page. 

5) Additional step: If you wish to add documentation to a sickness record, click the  icon. This will take you through to the individual sickness summary where you can attach documents. 

 Did you know you can create your own sickness types? Click here to learn how

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