Why can't I edit an email address or password even though I am a HR user?


To edit an employees email address, click into an employee's profile and you can click into the work email address field and simply type the new email address. 

However, if you cannot click into the address field and edit the information this will be because you do not have finance user access. 

If you need to set or edit an employees password, click into an employee's profile > scroll down > Change Password.

However, if you are unable to view the 'Change Password' section then this again will be due to the fact you don't have finance user access.

You will need to have finance user access to edit an employees email address or password. 


How can I see what permissions I have? 

Click Employees> List> you will see a number of permissions against your name. 

If you only have  then you will need to contact the admin user of your account or a user that currently has assigned to them. 

Click here to learn more about the finance user role and how your admin user can assign you with the correct permissions. 


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