Employees Sickness Screen


The Sickness screen records all sick leave an employee has taken or has open.

On your dashboard you can review the employee sickness you are line manager for by clicking the review button  . Either raise a query or close the record so it can be added to their Bradford Factor.

Click on the record and it will display a summary of the sickness record

Here you can raise a query and as for a sick note as well as add reasons for the query or you can mark the sickness as complete. To save changes press update, this will change the status of the record on the sickness tab of the employees record.

Another way to view sickness is by selecting sickness tab from the navigator (select employee from the Employee list) you can view all sickness records for your employee

You will be able to view the sickness typestatus, the start and end dates and how many days working time lost, you can reorder these fields by pressing the column you wish to order by.

From here you can also add a  for your employee or if you need to view a record in more detail, select the icon this will open a sickness summary

Should you need to edit  or delete   a record you can do this from within your employees sickness records.

 Click here to learn more about sickness in breatheHR

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