Employee's Training Screen


Training Details displays records of any training undertaken or booked for an employee at the company. In breatheHR you can allow your employees to request their training and also store the training records. 

As a HR User, you will need to approve any training requests made by employees. All HR users will receive an email on newly submitted training request but only one HR needs to approve the request . You can review this form from your dashboard by pressing the  icon, you will be directed to the training request form.

From this form you can change the status to a range of options including booked, approved and rejected. Simply update the status and it will be displayed on the main training page.

From the training tab in the navigator, you can view all of an employees previous and upcoming training.

You can also  training for an employee, complete the training form which includes additional information. You will also notice that you can enter an expiry date and add documentation to the training record. 

If you enter an expiry date, HR users will receive an email notification 30 days before the training is due to expire. Click here to learn more about email notifications in breatheHR.  

 If you need to edit or add more information to a record  or delete a record  you can do this from the employee training page.

Who can add training records?

  • HR users can add training records for all employees
  • Line managers may be able to add training records for their employees. However this is dependent on the line managers permissions you have set up for them. 
  • By default, employees can request their own training. However under the settings> permissions and approvals> approval settings> you can allow employees to directly enter their own training records. This will then by pass the approval process. 

Where will the training appear?

Any training records will appear on the company calendar in purple. 

Did you know that you can also bulk assign training courses? Click here to learn more.

You can also run a training report for the entire company. Click here 

You can create your own training providers/ categories. Click here to learn how


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