Employee's Equipment Screen


You can keep track/ store your employees equipment which you issue to them. The equipment screen is what we call a module. A module is a screen that you can switch on and off, therefore making the system as simple or as complex as you like. 


1) Switch on the equipment screen. Go to settings> modules> tick to use equipment and update account. 


2) The equipment tab will appear under the more tab within an employees profile. 


3) Click  to create a new equipment record for the employee

4) Fill out the item, equipment type ( Did you know you can create your own equipment types via the settings> picklists> equipment types) 

Pop in a date the asset was given, and the return date (optional), add any additional notes and enter a follow up date and click add employee equipment. 

You will receive a notification on your dashboard 7 days before the follow up date.

5) Once you have created the record, you will notice 3 icons next to the record.  The bin icon will delete the record. The blue play symbol will take you through to edit the record. However if you click , you can request the item to be returned. This will send an email to the employee, asking them to return the asset. 

6) Alternatively you can run an equipment report. This is located under the reports tab. 


This report will display the employees details, the asset type, the date it was given/ returned and the follow up date. This data can also be exported to excel. 




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