How to Create a Mail Merge Document in Word


Create the template in word:  

Please note: I am using Word 2013. Each version of word will be different. If you are using a different version, please contact your IT team for assistance. 

1) Go to Insert > Quick Parts > field  

2) Choose the field name, mail merge

3) Enter the field name you want to use, using the fields we have provided. Eg/ first_name. This field will then populate in your word document as «first_name»
Example document:

Please refer to the fields below that you can use.

Required Mail merge field name
Title prefix
First Name first_name
Middle Name middle_name
Last Name last_name
Known as known_as
Work email email
Employee Reference  employee_ref
Employee Status employee_status
Join Date join_date 
Leaving Date leaving_date 
Reason for leaving leaving_reason_notes 
Contract Provider contract_provider 
Notice Period notice_period
Probation Date  probation_date
Reference Number ref_number 
Account Number account_number 
Bank Branch bank_branch 
Bank Name bank_name
Building Society building_society 
Sort Code sort_code 
Current Job Title current_job_title 
Current Salary current_salary_amount
Salary Basis current_salary_pay_basis 
Pay Frequency  current_salary_pay_frequency 
National Insurance Number national_insurance_no
Address Line 1  address1
Address Line 2 address2
Address Line 3 address3
City city
Postcode postcode
County county
Country country
Date of Birth dob 
Personal Email personal_email 
Personal Mobile personal_mobile 
Driving Licence Number driving_license 
Marital Status marital_status  
Home Telephone home_telephone
Gender gender
Ethnicity ethnicity
Nationality nationality
DDI Number ddi
Work Extension work_ext
Work Mobile work_mobile
Custom Field 1 custom_field_1
Custom Field 2 custom_field_2
Custom Field 3 custom_field_3
Custom Field 4 custom_field_4
Custom Field 5 custom_field_5
Facebook facebook
Skype skype
Twitter twitter
LinkedIn linked_in 



 Click the link at the bottom of this article to download our mail merge guide. 


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