Uploading Mail merge Template


Please note mail merge is available on the regular plan and upwards. 

1) Go to the company tab> merge documents 

2) Drag and drop your file into the mail merge document field. Please note that you must create your standard document in word including the merge fields before uploading it into breatheHR. Click here to find out what fields you can use. 

3) Your word document will then appear under the templates section.

  • You can preview the word template 
  • You can download the word template . This will save the template to your desktop
  • You can delete the template if you have uploaded the wrong one. 

4) If you're happy with your word template, click create a merge using this template. 

This will kick start the merge process. 

Click here to learn what happens next. 


 Alternatively you can download our mail merge guide at the bottom of the article. 

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