Review and send the mail merge


The last step is to review and send your mail merge template. This section allows you to remove recipients and customise individual documents (by downloading, editing and re-uploading).


1) You can see the list of recipients against the document. 

  •  Click to preview the document. Please note, if information is missing from the document this is because you have not populated the fields within breatheHR. 

Preview version of mail merge document:

Information is missing from the employees profile:

If information is missing, you will need to update the information in the employees profile.  Delete the employee from the list of recipients and create the merge again for that employee. Click here to learn how to create the merge again.

  • You can download a copy of the document . If you realise information is missing you can edit the word document and re upload  , without needing to create the merge again. Once you have uploaded the revised word document the status will change to 


2) By Default the document will be hidden from the employee. You can tick make documents visible to employee. 

A personalised copy of the document will be added to each recipient’s employee documents section. 



3) By default the employee will not receive a notification. You can tick notify employees by email. 

4) Click . PLEASE NOTE. By clicking complete merge, this will send the document to the selected audience. This transaction cannot be reversed. 


Click here to view the final steps 

 Alternatively you can download our mail merge guide at the bottom of the article. 




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