Holiday allowances that increase after 10 years' service


In order to continue to reward your employees with further increases to their holiday entitlement after 10 years' service, follow these steps:

1. Place a reminder on their profile for the 1st day of the holiday year in which they would be entitled to their Year 11 increase.

2. When you get the reminder, create and assign a holiday allowance that increases with service remembering that year 0 now equals year 11


Example - Shelley started with her company on 5th May 2008. The company's holiday year runs January to December and they have a policy that after 5 years' of service, the holiday entitlement increases by 1 day each year until they reach 20 years' of service.

Shelley would be assigned the following holiday allowance when she joined with the 1st increase showing in year 6 - the year after her 5th work anniversary : 

On 5th May 2018, Shelley would reach her 10th work anniversary. You would place a reminder on her profile to increase her allowance as of 1st January 2019. 

On the 1st January 2019, you would create and assign the below allowance to Shelley where year 0 = year 11.

The increase would be applied up to year 9 (year 20)

Year 10 + remains the same as Shelley has reached the maximum level of holiday entitlement:

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