Product update 6.9


Bug Fixes

BD-4346 Ex-employees were still appearing as requiring a one to one

BD-4362 Verify email address will no longer appear on an employees profile if they have not been sent their welcome email. 

BD-4554 Cannot view sickness documentation from the approval screen 


BD-4498 Ideas wall has now been closed

We have made the hard decision to close the breathe ideas wall. Our product team will be looking through all idea on the wall and contacting you with a decision over the next few months. 

We really value all our customers input and comments over the last few years and will still be contacting you for feedback. 

BD-4584 Mail merge has been removed.

Development time is a finite resource. We, and I suspect you, want our developers focused on making the parts of breathe you use every day as easy to use as feature rich as possible. Our vision is that any features in breathe should be as simple as possible to use and should always remove admin for you. If features turn out to be complex, or don’t save you pain, then they shouldn’t be in breathe.

 As a result of this, sometimes we have to make tough decisions about features that are not delivering value. Mail merging is one of these features.

 Mail merging as a concept is a very real issue for our clients. We know, because we’ve asked you. There will always be the need, at least for the foreseeable future, to issue staff with a contract, or send them a job offer letter. The process of communication with employees in this form is unlikely to go away, and we very much have in our vision the ability for breathe to help people achieve this.

 However, the existing implementation of mail merging is not removing HR admin pain in the way we had hoped. We know from our support feedback that the process of actually doing a mail merge from setting up a template to issuing a word document when moving between multiple applications has proven impossible to implement in a way that is simple and easy to use. This is clearly reflected in its usage, as the feature is only used by a tiny fraction of our clients.

 What we want to avoid is more people drifting into using functionality that is more complicated than the rest of the application, so we have made the decision that we will disable the mail merge functionality. We appreciate that this will cause inconvenience for those clients that ARE using this feature and apologies for that inconvenience.

 What we are not doing.

  1. We are not removing employee documents. Any merges you have done will still be perfectly viewable from the employee records.
  2. We are not stating that mail merging is outside our vision. We recognise the need, it’s just the implementation that’s wrong.

 What we are doing.

We will disable mail merging on the 08th February. If you have templates in breathe you want to disable this will give you time to remove them. We will open the discussion on mail merging later in the year and involve anyone that was using the functionality. We want it back in the application, but it needs to be right for everyone.

 Mail merging will be back at some point in the future, but it will be back in a format that is a pleasure to use and easy to understand. In the meantime, apologies for the inconvenience.


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