The main area of the recruitment module is the Recruitment Hub, which is where you can see information that you want to easily access such as: recruiters, open vacancies and shortlisted applicants. 

Step 1 - Create a Vacancy

You can either create a vacancy via the recruitment hub > + add button in the right hand corner or you can create a vacancy via Recruitment > Vacancies > + add button


This will take you to the vacancy form that you complete in order to complete your vacancy:

Please note that this form is 'set' and not customisable and the fields marked with an asterix are mandatory.

From the recruiter drop down, you can select from any of your Line Managers to oversee the vacancy.

The vacancy tag facility enables you to categorise your vacancy so it is easy to search for at a later date.

Step 2 - Publish your Vacancy

Once your vacancy record has been created, the next step will of course be to let people know about it.

When you create your vacancy a URL link will be generated at the top of the vacancy.

Please not: that the URL will only generate once you reach the publication start date.

You can then share this URL over any job sites you wish for people to apply through.

You will be able to manage all your vacancies under Recruitment > Vacancies

Step 3 - Manage your Vacancy

Applicants will start to apply for your vacancy using the link that you have published.

To manage these applicants, you simply go to Recruitment > Applicants and use the arrow icon to go into each record.

If you assigned the vacancy with a recruiter then they to will be able see the applicant records for anyone who applied for this vacancy.


Step 4 - Manage your Applicants

From the applicant's profile you can use the actions section at the top of the page to chose what happens next.

You can either invite the candidate to interview or reject them.

If you decide to invite the applicant for interview, this will bring up a template invitation email.

You will need to select an interview time and date using the date picker and time slider and you will need to choose an applicant stage from the drop down menu.

When you invite applicants to interview, any interviews coming up in the next 7 days will appear on your HR dashboard.

Those applicants who are successful at interview and selected by the recruiter to be shortlisted will get added to the shortlist at the bottom of the vacancy details:

Step 5 - Recruit your new Employee

Once you have chosen the successful applicant you can 'accept and make employee', which will create them an employee profile in breathe for you.

Please note:Only the HR user has access to the 'accept and create employee' button which can be found in the short-listed candidate's record.


Once you have created them their employee profile this will automatically archive the applicant and enrol them into a process that deletes their applicant profile after 60 days.

You can manually archive other applicants and opt them out of the automatic deletion process by using the actions at the top of their profile.

Any archived applicants can be found under Recruitment > Archived Applicants.

All that remains now is for you to contact your successful applicant personally with the good news and make sure that they get that all important breathe welcome email so they can log in as one of your new employees!

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