Types of Holiday Allowances


Holiday Allowance Increases with Length of Service

Start by adding the starting holiday allowance in year 0. Keep adding the starting amount until you get to the year you would like it to increase. Then each year add the amount of holiday you would like your employees to receive. Make sure you populate all the boxes up to year 10.

The increase to the employee's holiday allowance will happen on the first day of the holiday year and not on the employee's work anniversary.

Please note: year 0 covers the period from the employee's join date to the end of that first holiday year.

So if you would like to increase the entitlement after the employee has completed 2 full years of service, you would need to make the increase in year 3.


Holiday Allowance with Carry Over

You can create a holiday allowance which will automatically generate carryover when you roll into your new holiday year.

Go to Configure > Settings > Absence Settings > Holiday Allowances > Add New

Fill out the holiday allowance form showing how much holiday the employee is entitled too for the year and tick 'Allow Carry Over'. You then have the option to type in 'up to how many days' and also 'when to use them by'.

Please note: If both of the above areas are not filled in once you have ticked to use carry over you will receive an error message, this is because you have to fill out all boxes as they are mandatory fields.

Negative carry over is if you allow the employee to borrow a certain number of days from the next holiday year to use in the current holiday year.

The carry over will only appear if the employee has holiday remaining from the previous holiday year and were also assigned the holiday allowance scheme that allows carry over before you roll into the new holiday year.


How to Pro Rata a Part Time Employee's Holiday Allowance

We often get asked here at breathe, how do I work out my part time employees holiday entitlement for the year? 

breathe does not do this calculation automatically, however we do appreciate that this is an important process for you when setting up an employee. So, we thought we would help you out.

You can use the holiday calculator on out website.

This link will take you through the steps to calculate that all important holiday allowance: 

  • is the allowance based on days or hours/
  • when does the employee start?
  • when does your leave year start?
  • how many days/hours worked per week?
  • do you want to include a pro-rata'd amount for statutory holidays?

Once you are happy with the calculation you can then create a holiday allowance based on this figure.

Please noteIf your part-time holiday allowance includes a pro-rata'd amount for statutory holidays, employees will need to book off any statutory holiday days that would fall on their normal working day as if they were holiday. You will NOT need to assign statutory holidays to the employee as well as giving them an additional amount in their allowance.

Unsure about how to create a holiday allowance within breathe, click here to find out how. 

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