Guide to Finishing your Holiday Year


Before you actually move over into your new holiday year, we strongly recommend you take the following steps to ensure that you are ready:

Step 1

Run the holiday allowance report for your employees. You will find this under the Reports section.

This will give you a summary of what allowances your employees are currently on, what they have taken and whether they are entitled to any carryover. If you want an employee to carryover holiday into the new year, you will need to assign them an allowance that allows for this before the start date of your new holiday year. 

Please note: Holiday allowances take effect immediately. It is important therefore not to assign new allowances at this point if you just want to give employees an increased allowance for the new year. This will need to be done once you have rolled over into the new holiday year.

Step 2

Run the outstanding leave request report. This will show you what still needs to be approved and by who.

Step 3

Make sure that all the backdated leave is added for your employees. This is important otherwise too much carryover may be generated and you will not be able to amend this retrospectively except by making a manual adjustment on their new allowance. This can give rise to questions from employees as they can see these manual updates on their profile.

Step 4

Once you are happy that all the data is correct, it is time to finish the year in order to generate the carryover for the new year. You can do this by going to Configure > Settings > Absence Settings > Holiday Year > Tick icon next to the year you want to close off:

Please note the 'finish year' button will only appear next to a year once that year is actually over.

Step 5

Re-run the holiday allowance report for the new holiday year to double check that all the carryover has been generated correctly. You will need to manually adjust at this point if there are any errors.

Please note: If your holiday year runs from April 2017 - March 2018 then there is an extra bank holiday that falls within that year due to the dates of Easter. Then in the following holiday year April 2018 - March 2019 there will be one less day as a bank holiday again due to when East falls.

If needed you can make a manual adjustment to your employee's holiday allowances under Employee Profile > Leave > Adjustments > use +/- buttons.

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