Recruitment FAQs


Can I have more than one recruiter?

Currently no. There is only the option for one personnel member to oversee the recruitment process.

This means that all the administrative side of the application stays in the hands of one person.

However, CVs can be downloaded and shared with a 3rd party if required so that they can participate in the recruitment process.


What happens to my data if I switch off Recruitment?

When you switch off the Recruitment Module all you information will remain in the system with the exception of "Archived Applicants".

breathe will automatically delete any archived applicant after 60 days.

You can over-ride this deletion by choosing the 'Exclude from automatic deletion' option which you can find within the actions drop down menu:

Please Note: that when closing off a Vacancy this will automatically Archive your applicants and such will be deleted after 60 days.


Can I use the same vacancy to fill multiple roles?

Yes you can.

However, currently, as soon as you 'hire' a candidate, the vacancy will automatically close.

You will need to manually re-open the vacancy after each hiring.vacancy

To do this, go into to your closed vacancy:

And click 're-open vacancy':

You will need to re-set the publication dates and click 'reopen':

Please be assured that this will not affect the status of the previously hired applicant.


Recruitment Plans

Standard Plan - £5 a month, allows you 2 open vacancies a month

Plus Plan - £20 a month, allows you unlimited open vacancies

To change your recruitment plan or turn recruitment on and off go to Configure > Settings > Modules > Recruitment

Recruitment Reporting

The recruitment analytics reports can be found under the reports tab and it can tell you how many views you get per vacancy, applicant average and time to fill a vacancy.

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