Managing TOIL

There are 2 ways to manage TOIL within your breathe account.

1. TOIL as other leave

Employees can request TOIL as other leave which will not be deducted from their holiday entitlement:


2. TOIL as extra holiday (RECOMMENDED)

TOIL can be added directly to the employee's holiday entitlement by using the +TOIL functionality within the system. This is the recommended option as it involves a more formalised process of establishing the employee's entitlement to TOIL before the employee actually requests the leave itself. If this option is chosen, then any TOIL granted should be taken as holiday rather than other leave.

TOIL managed by this second method is also more flexible and lends itself to the self-service element of system.

Employees can request TOIL directly from their dashboard

Under Configure > Settings > What employees can see and do > Request TOIL, you can give an employee the ability to request TOIL from their own dashboard:

Once this permission has been granted, the employee will a 'log TOIL' button appear on their leave tile on their dashboard;

If they click on this, this will bring up a TOIL request form:

Once submitted, the TOIL can then be approved (by the HR user or Line Manager if the relevant permissions have been granted to them to manage TOIL) and this will automatically update the holiday allowance ready for the employee to book this time off as holiday.

TOIL can also be managed more centrally by the Line Manager or the HR user

If it is not appropriate for employees to have the ability to request TOIL directly, then approved TOIL can be added directly to the leave metrics by an authorised person.

They would simply go to the Employee Profile > Leave > Use the +TOIL function on the leave metrics to add the agreed extra time off to the employee's holiday entitlement.


How to Approve TOIL

If you have received an email to let you know that one of your employees have submitted TOIL. Here are the steps you need to follow to approve: 

1) Click the link in the email to log into your breathe account

2) Go to your manager dashboard. Under your tasks to do, you will see a new TOIL request

3) Click the arrow to action the TOIL request 

4) You can either approve or reject the TOIL request. Either way the employee will be notified by email of the outcome. 

5) Once you have approved the requested the TOIL will automatically be added to their holiday allowance. 

If you want to view what TOIL has been approved and when, you can view it under the adjustments tab, on your employees leave page. 


Why is TOIL not coming off the leave allowance?

This will probably be because it has been requested as other leave rather than holiday.

Other leave is never deducted from the holiday entitlement.

Should you not wish the other leave reason 'TOIL' to be available to your employees to use, you should edit this reason and re-name it with a dash or a dot. This will deter employees from using it.

You can do this under your Configure > Settings> Picklists >Other Leave Reasons > Edit 'TOIL'


I am a HR user, where are my TOIL/+/- adjustments?

If under the Configure > Settings > Change what HR users can see and do, your company has ticked the box that says that all HR leave needs approval, then you will not have access to your own adjustment buttons.

You will need to ask another HR user to make the adjustment for you.

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