Holiday Allowance with Carry Over

You can create a holiday allowance which will automatically generate carryover when you roll into your new holiday year.

Go to Configure > Settings > Absence Settings > Holiday Allowances > Add New

Fill out the holiday allowance form showing how much holiday the employee is entitled too for the year and tick 'Allow Carry Over'. You then have the option to type in 'up to how many days' and also 'when to use them by'.

Please noteIf both of the above areas are not filled in once you have ticked to use carry over you will receive an error message, this is because you have to fill out all boxes as they are mandatory fields.

Negative carry over is if you allow the employee to borrow a certain number of days from the next holiday year to use in the current holiday year.

The carry over will only appear if the employee has holiday remaining from the previous holiday year and were also assigned the holiday allowance scheme that allows carry over before you roll into the new holiday year.


When is carryover generated?

Carryover is generated/calculated on the last day of the holiday year but won't show on the leave tab until the 'finish year' button is pressed under Configure > Settings > Holiday Years, when your holiday year finishes.

This means that if you would like your employees to have carryover or not then you have until the end of your holiday year to change it as the holiday allowances assigned to employees on the last day of the holiday year is what is used to generate carryover.


Why is carryover showing incorrectly?

The breathe system can detect when the 'use by' date of carryover is approaching and if this date is only a few days away, you may see the carryover entitlement reducing as the system recognises that there are only this number of working days left until the cut off date.

Example: Employee A has 3 days carryover to use by the end of March. He has not used any of these days yet. As the end of March approaches, he will see his carryover entitlement reduce to 2 days on the 30th March and to 1 day on the 31st as there is only this time left in which he can use his carryover.

What can be done about this?

When the carryover is lost, it is possible to make a manual adjustment to someone's leave to allow them further time to use it. However, it should be remembered that the system will not remove this automatically if it has not been used within the extended time frame.

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