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What are company announcements and how do I create one? 

You can customise the company announcements header by going to Configure > Settings > Change what HR users can see and do > Grapevine Label


Company announcements are a great way to get information out to all your employees, without having to chase them individually. This will be the first thing they see when they log into their account. 

On the Grapevine you will just see the title of the announcement and will have to use the arrow icon to expand the announcement.

Once the employee has read the company announcement, they can simply dismiss it by clicking the X.

As a HR user, you can create as many announcements as you like just go to Company > Announcements.


The company announcements page will display the published date, the title, the details and the expiry date. At any time you can edit or delete existing company announcements. 

Fancy adding your own? Click +

Please note: You can only add in 255 characters into the details section, you will receive an error message if you try to save your announcement with any extra characters.

Pop in a title, any additional details, a publish date and an expiry date (optional), you can also enter a link. This is useful if you have an external online payslip provider, as you'll be able to add this link into the announcements. If you want the announcement to go to all your employees, leave the department field blank. Alternatively you can specify a certain department and only they will be able to see the announcement you have published.

The company announcement will then appear on the employees dashboard and your own on the entered publish date. 

Your employees will also a receive an email to let them know a company announcement has been posted. The email will be sent on the publish date.

Please note: If you post a Company Announcement for the incorrect date, you will need to create a new announcement with the correct date on instead of amending the existing one if you wish an email notification to be sent.

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